Our Next Meeting

2nd Wednesday Monthly
Time: 7:00pm

Location: Online due to COVID
Topic: COVID Challenges

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About the Kingston Web Developers

We are Kingston website developers that find value in meeting regularily to review online-related topics and share our latest tips and tricks.

We used to gather monthly under the name: Kingston ColdFusion User Group

In conjunction with the 2005 Adobe / Macromedia merger we have chosen to meet under a broader name that includes all aspects of online applications: Kingston Web Developers

With the completion of the Adobe / Macromedia merger on December 5, 2005, the joined company became Adobe and the Macromedia tradename ceased to exist. Adobe has committed to continue to support the User Group movement.

The Kingston Web Developers exists thanks to the tireless work of the KDev Managers, the support of all our members and, last but certainly not least -- thanks to our generous sponsors!

Kingston ColdFusion User Group

The Kingston ColdFusion User Group was founded by David Schmidt in July, 2000 as a way to support local developers and to encourage new developers to adopt ColdFusion in Kingston, Ontario and surrounding areas.

With its January 16, 2001 merger with Allaire Corporation, Macromedia has committed to continue to support the ColdFusion User Group movement.

With the completion of the merger on March 20, 2001, the joined company became Macromedia and the Allaire tradename ceased to exist.

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